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ETCO INDIA is connected to a professional
network of industry professionals for
helping you as mentors in your research
projects pertaining to the areas published on
this page. Please note that our services are
genuine and legal because we help you to
achieve knowledge and competencies in
your subject and not merely write the
assignments for you. We will help you in
choosing the topic that can potentially make
your work unique and impart knowledge
through mutually agreed media. We will
help you in completing all the technical
efforts required for achieving your research
aim and objectives using academic versions
of software tools, like SPSS, LISREL,
OPNET Modeler, Vensim, Arena, and

ETCO INDIA offers Mentoring and
Knowledge Building by Senior Industry
Professionals pertaining to IT, Networking,
Management, Finance, HR, and Marketing
Dissertations, Theses, Reports, White Papers
and Research Papers in the following areas
of specializations:

(A) IT Systems - Networking, Windows,
Linux, Virtualization, Cloud Computing,
Security Technologies, Databases, WiMAX,
3G, 4G/LTE, IP Multimedia, VoIP, TETRA,
Satellite Communications, etc. (Includes
Modeling and Simulations)
(B) Information Technology Governance
(COBIT, ITIL, ISO 20000, Val IT, Risk IT)
(C) Information Systems - Strategy, Services
& Applications - Internal Management and
(D) Business Intelligence, Enterprise
Performance Management, Data Marts and
Data Warehousing, OLAP,
Multi-Dimensional Reporting (CUBE
Reports), Big Data Analytics, and Artificial
(E) Electronic Commerce and On-Line
Internet Enabled Businesses
(F) Information Security Management
System (ISO 27001/27002/27005, NIST, etc.)
(G) Logistics and Supply Chain
Management, Industry 4.0, Industrial
Internet of Things
(H) Information Risk Management, Asset
Risk Management and Credit, Liquidity &
Market Risk Management
(I) Knowledge Management and
Knowledge Resources Management
(J) Cloud Computing and Cloud
(K) Business Management and Finance
(L) Analysis of Cash Flow, Balance Sheet
and Income Statements and Company
(M) Internal and External Auditing - ISA,
IAS/IFRS, SFAS Fair Valuation, etc.
(N) Organizational Downsizing and
(O) Management Accounting and Business
Performance Management
(P) Sales, Marketing, Product Management
and Branding
(Q) Customer Relationship Management
(R) 4G, 5G, LTE, Heterogeneous
Networking, OPNET Modeling and
(S) Critical Thinking, Ethical Thinking,
Moral Thinking and Decision Making
(T) Management Best Practices - Porter's
Models, Ansoff Model, Balanced Score
Senge's Model, etc.
(U) Social Infrastructure Services, Smart
Cities, and Blockchains
(V) Geographical Information System (GIS)
and Global Positioning System (GPS)
(W) Research areas with Multivariate
statistical modeling and analysis
(X) Research areas with System Dynamics
(Y) Sustainability in Engineering, Industries,
Logistics, and Supply Chains
(Z) Other Specialized Subjects - as per
customer requirements

We invite Research Organisations,
Companies, and Students to avail our
services. For Field Research, we connect to
our network of professionals across the
world and conduct interviews and surveys
through well designed questionnaire and
other tools. We use the research techniques
designed by world class scholars pertaining
to Qualitative, Quantitative, Triangulation,
Statistical Analysis, Modeling, and
Simulation techniques.

Please contact us at or to discuss your
topic or to get ideas about new topics
pertaining to your subject area. Further, we
offer you to develop the "problem
description and statement", "aim,
objectives, research questions", "design of
methodology and methods", and "15 to 25
most relevant citations" for
three topics of
your choice of research areas
at a nominal
fee. Such a synopsis shall help you in
focussing, critically thinking, discussing
with your reviewer, and developing your
research proposal.
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more details.

Disclaimer for Knowledge and Mentoring
: We operate as Consultants and
Mentors that ensure organised research with
building and transfer of knowledge to all
our customers. We are in this profession by
virtue of our vast knowledge and
professional experience in the related fields.
Our efforts are targetted to enhance the
excellence and competencies of our

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Please contact us at
to discuss your topic or to
get ideas about new
topics pertaining to your
subject area.