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We do not charge based on quality because we do ensure that you will achieve good grades. Please note that you will get good grades
only if you are able to demonstrate your enhanced knowledge and competencies to your reviewers and hence this remains our primary
focus area in the process of our mentoring efforts. However, we do assure you very reasonable and cost effective rates.

We understand that Customers need to ensure what quality of service they would receive and hence we have established a process that
enables you to assess & accept our competencies before you make payments to us. We do not ask for upfront payment from our customers.
You may send us your requirements via the e-mail ID consulting@etcoindia.co.in OR consulting@etcoindia.net.in. We shall verify the
requirements and will give you a confirmation within eight to twenty four hours about whether our experts can help you in the subject
matter or not. If we have expertise to help you in your subject area, we will inform you the rates for our mentoring and academic
consultancy services in accordance with the requirements. Our rates are not on per page basis but are calculated as gross values
depending upon the efforts, depth & complexity of subject matter, urgency, level of research, no. of references required, need for
modeling and simulations on software tools, etc

Once we confirm to you about our acceptance of the order and finalize rates with you, we will develop the TOC, write a synopsis about
the subject matter, and deliver to you within an agreed timeframe in order to enable you to assess our expertise. You are required to pay
only if you like the content and knowledge of the mentor. We will also follow the same process for every topic that we will frame for your
research study and will not charge for the efforts. Once you confirm your acceptance of the work delivered to you, we will send you the
payment procedure and instructions and will begin our engagement with you in the capacity of your academic mentor and consultant.
You will be given access to full profile of the mentor such that you can evaluate the eminence and competencies of the person who would
help you in completing your project. Our mentors possess at least 15 years of experience in the professional industry with excellent
knowledge and subject matter expertise. We appreciate that we cannot have knowledge and expertise in "everything" and hence have
published the areas where we can do a good job and have established this order acceptance process.

The mentor shall be accountable to help you in revisions/modifications till the time your paper is accepted by your reviewers. Please
note that our objective is to help you in achieving good command on your subject matter and hence you are requested to learn and
understand every aspect of your subject matter from your mentor. In nutshell, you should be confident on the subject when presenting to
your reviewing board because we are just your mentors and the work originally remains your achievement and property. If you do not
intend to learn from us and are just interested to get your assignment written by us, then probably we are not the ones you are looking
for. Dissertations and Thesis Research projects are knowledge building, fact finding and innovation efforts to contribute something
original to the academic world and hence are much beyond mere writing assignments.

Please send your requirements to consulting@etcoindia.co.in or consulting@etcoindia.net.in. We currently do not have International toll free
numbers but are in the process of establishing the same soon. If you have low cost International Dialing facilities (like VoIP), then please
call us at +91 9810560356 for clarifications.

Please contact us at consulting@etcoindia.co.in or consulting@etcoindia.net to discuss your topic or to get
ideas about new topics pertaining to your subject area.

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