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ETCO INDIA has supported large number of customers to achieve successful completion and acceptance of Sustainability, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Virtualisation, Cloud
Computing, Cloud Computing Security, Retail, and Project Management Dissertations and Theses Research projects. We hereby present the key topics that have been delivered by our customers
successfully as a result of our mentoring and academic consulting services. Please note that these topics have been paraphrased and are not the original ones to ensure that the customers do not suffer
due to matches.

The following topics have been presented not only to publish the areas in which ETCO INDIA has successfully supported customers in
Dissertation and Thesis Research projects but also to present an idea about the theoretical foundation upon which new topics can be
developed that have not yet been addressed adequately. Please note that new problems requiring research efforts always evolve from
the empirical solutions to the old problems and hence the world of research keeps moving on.

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(181) PMBOK supported change management planning for moving IT systems to cloud computing.
(182) Survey of mobile learning applications used in the UK and UAE universities hosted on mobile cloud computing.
(183) An exploratory study of practices and processes for executing electronic procurements in EU steel plants.
(184) Penetration testing and creative judgment of intrusion detection logs for hardening of Cisco devices.
(185) Designing a high capacity storage area network for cloud computing in OPNET.
(186) Static and Dynamic agents embedded in Virtual Machines for enforcements of security policies.
(187) Distributed and Embedded security controls in Virtual Private Clouds of SMEs in AWS.
(188) Designing and interconnecting Virtual Private Clouds in AWS for IT systems integration between two firms.
(189) OPNET Modeling of RFID-based assets tracking and recording system on retail cloud computing.
(190) OPNET Modeling of Security-as-a-Service (SEC-a-a-S) collaborative communications on cloud computing.
(191) A survey of Software Defined Networking (SDN) for creating hierarchical security controls.
(192) Distributed security designs on cloud computing for detecting and curbing DDoS.
(193) High performance content delivery in mobile cloud computing with hybrid LTE + WiFi (OPNET study).
(194) Secured storage and delivery of Virtual Machines to tenants using Cloud Dispatchers (OPNET study).
(195) Ensuring SLA-based QoS using traffic classification in cloud computing (OPNET study).
(196) Setting hybrid IT implemention using interactive self-hosted and cloud-hosted IT systems (OPNET study).
(197) Networking virtualisation in cloud computing using an array of virtualisation-enabled switches (OPNET study).
(198) Vulnerability assessment of mobile computing networks through technical auditing tools.
(199) Detecting and blocking rogue access points through network stumbling and site monitoring tools.
(200) Software Defined Radio for designing a cellular mobile network (Exploration of a SDR tool).
(201) Interactive multimedia performance in a 4G-enabled Vehicular Network Cloud at different vehicle speeds (OPNET study)
(202) Securing multi-tenancy model on cloud computing by applying VM-embedded security controls (OPNET study).
(203) Designing and optimising the performance of a university WLAN for running interactive E-Learning (OPNET study).
(204) Content delivery with high QoS in 4G mobile learning systems (OPNET study).
(205) Multimedia blended E-learning through high performance parallel computing (OPNET study).
(206) How directors' remuneration is related with business performance? (comparing annual reports)
(207) Exploring green aware consumers' attitudes towards green-labelled products.
(208) Integrating econometrics data with stores' data for demand forecasting.
(209) Framework agreements for sustainable procurement through cloud computing.
(210) Relationships between the Big-5 personality attributes and decision-making under crisis.
(211) Assessment of variances in competitiveness among Eurozone countries during the 2008 economic crisis.
(212) Creating aglity in supply chains through flexible supplier contracts.
(213) Cloud computing and Supply Chain Integration (OPNET study)
(214) Case study of impact of Lean Six Sigma on revival of a motor spare parts manufacturer.
(215) IT Security and Risk Management in Virtual Private Clouds deployed on Amazon AWS.
(216) Customer attitudes and purchasing behaviours in digital shopping.
(217) A Study of barriers to manufacturing flexibility through Lean and Agile strategies in a Supply Chain
(218) Effectiveness of enquiry-based learning in enhancing critical thinking skills.
(219) An OPNET-based design of cloud-based strategic framework agreements for public procurement
(220) Proactive approaches for risk management in global supply chains with high uncertainties.
(221) Impact of Lean Six Sigma on Logistics Performance in Transportation and Warehousing.
(222) Information Security Governance through integrating people and systems behaviours.
(223) The Human and Cultural aspect of Information Security.
(224) Multivariate analytics and monitoring strategy for detecting and reducing Bullwhip effect.
(225) Geopolitics and Oil and Gas Supply Chains (exploratory literature review).
(226) Multi-agency risks management in Medical Supply Chain Management through Strategic Supplier Agreements.
(227) Integrating Natural Language and DOM Parsing for E-Learning content indexing.
(228) Hosting IP Multimedia Subsystem in a Private Mobile Cloud using Mobile IPv6.
(229) Security and Privacy in Cloud-based E-learning (OPNET study).
(230) Business value of retail E-commerce deployment on Cloud Computing (Qualitative study).
(231) A survey of Green House Gases capture and precipitation processes and technologies.
(232) Media selection in change management communications - a quantitative study of impact of media richness on consensus building.
(233) IT risk management and governance in SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS on cloud computing (multiple studies).
(234) Strategic information integration and management in global supply chains (multiple studies)
(235) Strategic Human Knowledge Resources (HKR) approaches and tools in supply chain management
(236) Integrating TQM and Six Sigma with resources allocation and management strategy in a hospitality supply chain.
(237) Risk management maturity modeling in global supply chain management (multiple studies)
(238) Reducing ordering and delivery errors for eliminating wastes in a multi-supplier supply chain system for essential medicines.
(239) Analysing gold mining supply chain strategies (three studies)
(240) Cloud Exchanges for multi-supplier integration in cloud-based retail industry (OPNET study).
(241) Sustainability implementation through Triple Bottom Line objectives in supply chain management (multiple studies).
(242) Lean and agile strategies in supply chain management using Lean Six Sigma (multiple studies).
(243) Designing Security-as-a-Service (SEC-A-A-S) for data mining on cloud computing.
(244) Multicloud framework of authentication and authorisation on cloud computing for access to resources by project teams.
(245) E-Procurement and Web-services integration in a public sector supply chain (two studies)
(246) Effectiveness of multi-echelon supply chain communications through media and content richness.
(247) Communication protocols between IT teams and business users in global supply chains (translating technical language to business
(248) Reducing Bullwhip effect through IT systems adoption in a FMCG supply chain.
(249) Lean Six Sigma in processed food supply chains.
(250) Measuring sustainability effectiveness in a multi-echelon global supply network.
(251) Efficient humanitarian logistics management through mobile cloud computing.
(252) Strategic partnership and collaboration in supply chain management through sharing of processes and information systems.
(253) Enhancing global procurement strategy and strategic supplier management through Technological innovations
(254) The role and effectiveness of bar-codes, RFID, and Internet of Things in inventory management
(255) Cloud manufacturing and Internet of Things (multiple topics)
(256) Investigating the impacts of triple bottomline sustainability on competitive advantages of supply chains (multiple studies related
to different industries)
(257) Advanced tools and methods for collaborations, coordination, and communications in supply chain management using cloud
computing (three topics related to local cloud-based supply chains in three different developing nations)
(258) Ubiquitous access to m-learning multimedia content in a LTE Advanced mobile network integrated with a university's WiFi
(259) Managing demand uncertainty risks through cloud-based multi-echelon integration of a supply chain of fashion industry
(260) Defining a five-level maturity model of supply chain risk management (SCRM) following the empirical theories on risk
management maturity levels in enterprise risk management (ERM)
(261) Modeling and Simulation of distributed denial of service (DDoS) in a mobile cloud using LTE Advanced and WiFi integration
(262) Advanced self-organisation in LTE Advanced networks for responding to multiple disaster scenarios in a vehicular area network
(two topics: the first one completed with OPNET simulations of varying heights of a vehicle driving in mountaneous terrains and the
second one completed with OPNET simulations of varying vehicular speeds on motorways)
(263) Vehicle-to-vehicle communications in a dynamic vehicular cloud formed by ad-hoc wireless networking (OPNET study)
(264) Designing a sustainable procurement decision-support workflow for public procurements from the timber products industry
(265) An OPNET model of dynamic reconfigurations of a 4G network using intelligence data from intelligent mobile agents (OPNET
(266) A MATLAB modeling of dynamic demand-linked information flow in a multi-echelon supply chain
(267) An OPNET study of multimedia performance of an LTE Advanced network with UMTS-like soft handover (OPNET study)
(268) Food wastage in fresh food supply chains in developing countries caused by demand information distortion, logistics
inefficiencies, and the resulting Forrester effect
(269) Private cloud computing with behavioral data mining and behavioral monitoring for detecting and blocking insider traders
(270) Measuring sustainability achievements in supply chains of environmentally sensitive products through on-site organisational
ethnographic approach of behavioural observations

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some of them, we have already supported multiple dissertations/theses projects (indicated at applicable places).
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If you find that your research interest matches with one of these topics then you may discuss with us regarding evolution of new and
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